Monday, 7 May 2007

Sophie's story

Remember the painting at the National Gallery, "A Cup of Water and a Rose on a Silver Plate" by Francisco de Zurbarán.

So I've been inspired by the painting in the National Gallery, and my character has been fully developed both emotionally and physically. I've tried to explain the relationship between the flower and the water, and I've mentioned that I was planning to keep to a rather literal translation of my interpretation of the relationship between the rose and the water, as I had struggled to communicate a more abstract interpretation. So hey presto! Here is my story of a thirsty showgirl. She gets ever more thirsty and dehydrated until she finally reaches her goal, at which point she becomes comically overhydrated.

Problems I faced with my storyline were that my audience could not understand why she was so thirsty, or what the obstacles were to her satisfying her thirst. I've therefore altered my story to address these issues by adding props to indicate the heat (fans, windows to the desert conditions outside, and a radio in the background discussing the present heatwave, and a quick shot of a thermometer rising, all to establish the overpowering heat), and I will use camera techniques to establish the impression that the corridor to the water cooler (her destination) is extremely long. Iam not updating the storyboard to include this, though, so you will have to wait for the final film (or intervening progress reports including the 3D assets described above).


Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

Hey vick, nice to find your stuff here,..
I can see you´ve added a scene with the girl
drinking water, you can even animate the water in 2d..
nice modifications in your model, she definately looks much more modern, nice good looking.

libra bear said...

I never knew you had a blog. Welcome to the world, Hope you keep it up long after the course. I really love the way your working through this, and how deep your concept goes. You've definately given this a lot of thought and thats why I think your among the strongest of animators on the course. Inspirational. Spider-man 3.... We'll talk :)

libra bear said...

Me why noo noo?

messytimbo said...

hey your here too, cool i fill like i'm in a virtual version of are studio hahaha.

cool stuff. you've improved so much in the two years i've known you. i'm so impressed, keep it up.

p.s i watch spidey 3... very disapointing.