Monday, 7 May 2007

Bringing Sophie to Life

There's not a lot to say here from an animation perspective; I built a fairly straightforward rig with legs controlled using IK, and called upon my technical director to build an arm rig that does both IK and FK (which I'm not yet convinced is quite working properly). The rig is basically a customised version of that described in the Digital Tutors tutorial on character rigging, which I highly recommend. One of the main refinements was that I needed additional control over the hip orientation, beyond the default secondary motion provided by that rig, so I called upon my technical director to add a greater degree of control.

Skinning is an area I despise, and I called upon my technical support for assistance.

After skinning her to the rig, I modelled a number of blend shapes for her face to give her some emotional range (with particular attention to the needs of the story; see a future post for details), and a body blend for an important plot point (and no, she isn't pregnant).

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